Green Products

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Environmentally Friendly Option (EFO)
Reduce Energy Consumption by 60 – 70%

Green Energy efficient Baler- HarmonyEnergy Management Control System

  • 5 horsepower energy efficient motor
  • Power Optimizer
  • Smart Logic Controls

Eco-Friendly Hydraulic Oil

  • Readily biodegradable
  • Water soluble for easy clean up with water
  • Non-toxic; no harm to plants or animals
  • Fluid life 2-3 times longer than mineral oil

Environmentally Sustainable Manufacturing Processes

  • Reduction in energy usage in manufacturing
  • Reducing material inefficiencies
  • Using green products
  • Designing greener, cleaner, and leaner recycling equipment

The Environmentally Friendly Option, another great idea from Harmony Enterprises… The Undisputed Leader in Quality Manufacturing.

Standard* EFO
Amps 17 6
Watts 3536 1248
Kilowatts 3.5 1.2
*10 horsepower motor